The Bolt Report.

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Australian Politics

The Dolt Distort is nothing more than a Liberal party infomercial.
Sure, it makes the right wingers of Australia happy. Validating their mantra that any electoral outcome that doesn’t go their way is the result of serious mental illness on the part of the population. However, to spew hatred at all things not Liberal and turn a blind eye to the obvious deficiencies of Abbott’s policy patch-ups displays an arrogance that is breathtaking.
For the record I have in the past voted Liberal, but never Labour. Unfortunately for both major parties, I have a brain and very good bullshit detector. The Bolt’s of the world are not worthy of my serious attention as their views are not considered opinion. Merely rallying cries for the delusionally faithfull that blindly support their party on everything they offer. Even when it contradicts previously held policies.
So, a suitable summary of the bolt report would be “$heep $hit”.


Surprise surprise, turns out it was a stitch up after all. Many savvy people predicted this was a honey trap right from the beginning. The IMF were never happy with the guys social equality tendencies, so he had to go…

The case against him had more holes than Snow White’s hymen.
Of course now the damage is done, he’s free to go….

Put Down The Fork And Lose The Pork.

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Weight loss

Ok, I admit it. My weight went from a healthy 84 kg up to  97 Kg !!

How on earth did this happen? Well, knee surgery gave me the perfect excuse to sit on my butt for 3 months and I slid further from there.

So…. After 5 weeks of a high protein diet and exercise program  I’m down to 89 kg. Still a long way to go, but once you start it gets easier each week.

Now that I’ve developed a “holier than thou” attitude about personal weight, I thought some statistical investigation was worth my time. To find out how and why we are becoming a species of bad food blobs.

Conservative estimates point to 70% of Americans being overweight. With a huge portion of this being obese. Australians don’t fare much better with a rate of around 54%.  YUKKKKKK. Whats going on?

Well, it boils down to fast food being the staple diet of a lot of busy people. An impatient world that looks for fast diets, miracle drugs, under the bed exercise machines and surgery. All to negate personal responsibility and effort.
Most people cannot even devote themselves religiously to following a very short 12-week program. They’d rather try the latest Seven Day Hollywood diet program then jump on the next short-term fasting program on the market.

A sexist could argue that since the indoctrination of women into the workforce healthy home cooked meals have become a novelty. Sorry, I don’t buy that. It takes just as long to squeeze your bulbous butt into the car, drive to the takeaway and pick up your calorie coated fat injection.

Don’t have time to exercise? Bet you find time to watch TV every night.

Did you know that an average-sized man burns about 65 calories during a half-hour of vigorous sex? If you were to talk on the phone during sex, the total hits 100 calories. Watch TV, talk on the phone and have sex at the same time then you burn a total of 150 calories in that half-hour. Talk about interval training! The ultimate booty call, I’m on a diet baby!

My final word…..

After perusing the holy scriptures of Family First political policy I am left wondering exactly whose family they claim to represent.

Their environmental policy seems lifted from Liberal party headquarters and yet Steve Fielding is a bullhorn skeptic.

Their policy on family has this little gem ..
Affirming and defending the institution of marriage as being a union of
a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered
into for life.
So the gay community cannot be considered to be part of a family? I guess it’s all about protecting religious doctrine, which is fine. But what about those that don’t subscribe to your beliefs? Nobody questions your right to live life as you see fit, yet judging others by your doctrine is a cornerstone of policy!

Abortion? Forget it, their policy advocates laying on as much fear and guilt possible to achieve their prefered outcome. To be fair there’s no demand for it to be illegal, I don’t think anyone could resurrect that idea.

Afghanistan? Fully supported, all in the name of fighting terror and bringing democracy. So I guess the safety and well-being of those families needs to be forsaken for the good of the Christian democracies.

To be fair, some policies are actually good. Think Liberal party with religious extremism and your there.

Latest polling shows Family First represents about 2% of the electorate.
Interestingly the number of atheists in Australia is around 25%.
The problem for a christian church based political party is therefore the amount of people it can claim to truly represent.

Reading this little diatribe you may be of the opinion that I’m an atheist.
For the record my issue is not with God, it’s with those that claim his authority, then politicize it.

Despite the best efforts of naysayers it’s clear from polling that climate change is still a prominent concern amongst Australian voters.

Regardless of your personal views on the subject, the numbers are incontestable. Liberal and Labour alike have basically shelved any real action on the subject, which leaves the Greens as the lone flag waver for true action. Polling shows that Labour is losing a lot of 1st preference votes over its behaviour and the migration creates an interesting sideline to the big boys scrabble for power.

Labour, of course, refused to negotiate with the Greens over the ETS, showing their true colors on the subject by trying to create a Liberal friendly policy. No credit was to be given in any way to the environmental group when it came to this issue. Outstanding arrogance.
The Liberals, for their part, portray the Greens as a bunch of nutters with a no-compromise philosophy. Interesting point of view from the party that rolled its leader rather than ultimately compromise with Labour on a piece of legislation that could have been written by John Howard sitting on Lord Monckton’s lap.
The Greens of course rejected the ETS having recognised that it wasn’t worth the recycled paper it was printed on.

The result of the coming election therefore will possibly have a bigger impact on both major parties than they would like. Should the Greens primary vote rise significantly, watch both major parties scrabble to reverse the trend.

The problem of course is that the track record for Liberal and Labour alike is there on view. For them it’s a public concern that deserves lip service only. Real action would mean annoying the true drivers of government policy… The big business funded lobby groups.
The good news is that at least 10-16% of the population have now worked that one out.

Judging by current polling and Labours pitiful efforts to be re-elected, it’s a fair assumption that Tony Abbott will be Australia’s next prime minister.
Marry this assumption with the recognised possibility that we are about to face a GFC 2.
My question is therefore this. What measures will Tony take to prevent Australia sliding into the brown smelly stuff?

Clearly the targeted stimulus spending is out of the question.  These measures were, after all, opposed last time.
Perhaps the solution will be similar to the U.S. response, throw cash at big business and see if any crumbs trickle down. We all know how well that worked for them.

The problem for Tony would be essentially this. Australia’s response to the first GFC was timely and correct. Stimulus spending continues because the world financial system is still stuffed. But to acknowledge this gives Labour credibility. Hence the focus on how much has and still is being spent rather than what was and still needs to be avoided. Of course Labour  has failed miserably to tackle their explanation of what happened, what could have been and still might happen.

So, will all stimulus be withdrawn should the Liberal party win the election? If not, why not? After all, according to them it’s all a massive waste of money.
Or will the stimulus continue as is required, which beggars an explanation.
What we are all witnessing is typical politics, scare the hell out of people who are essentially clueless and decry a policy you know is right in order to get elected.

There are many reasons why Labour deserve to lose, but this is not one of them. I myself look forward to the massive policy backflip and ensuing explanation after the election.
My guess is that the money will still be spent, but targeted towards more Liberal friendly areas. Given that they clearly are not public infrastructure, schools or energy efficiency improvements, I wonder just what they might be.

The Lober Party

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Australian Politics
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Your kidding me right? That’s actually something people are focussing on?
Julia Gillard may have faults, we all do, but is this something relevant?
Admittedly political cartoonists need something to work with, but who amongst us makes value judgements on such a thing.

When pressed for comment Tony Abbott, to his credit, didn’t buy into the discussion. Whether that was a noble gesture or avoiding earsay one can only guess.

p.s.  Julia I think your sexy and can I have an autograph?