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Put Down The Fork And Lose The Pork.

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Weight loss

Ok, I admit it. My weight went from a healthy 84 kg up to  97 Kg !!

How on earth did this happen? Well, knee surgery gave me the perfect excuse to sit on my butt for 3 months and I slid further from there.

So…. After 5 weeks of a high protein diet and exercise program  I’m down to 89 kg. Still a long way to go, but once you start it gets easier each week.

Now that I’ve developed a “holier than thou” attitude about personal weight, I thought some statistical investigation was worth my time. To find out how and why we are becoming a species of bad food blobs.

Conservative estimates point to 70% of Americans being overweight. With a huge portion of this being obese. Australians don’t fare much better with a rate of around 54%.  YUKKKKKK. Whats going on?

Well, it boils down to fast food being the staple diet of a lot of busy people. An impatient world that looks for fast diets, miracle drugs, under the bed exercise machines and surgery. All to negate personal responsibility and effort.
Most people cannot even devote themselves religiously to following a very short 12-week program. They’d rather try the latest Seven Day Hollywood diet program then jump on the next short-term fasting program on the market.

A sexist could argue that since the indoctrination of women into the workforce healthy home cooked meals have become a novelty. Sorry, I don’t buy that. It takes just as long to squeeze your bulbous butt into the car, drive to the takeaway and pick up your calorie coated fat injection.

Don’t have time to exercise? Bet you find time to watch TV every night.

Did you know that an average-sized man burns about 65 calories during a half-hour of vigorous sex? If you were to talk on the phone during sex, the total hits 100 calories. Watch TV, talk on the phone and have sex at the same time then you burn a total of 150 calories in that half-hour. Talk about interval training! The ultimate booty call, I’m on a diet baby!

My final word…..