The Bolt Report.

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Australian Politics

The Dolt Distort is nothing more than a Liberal party infomercial.
Sure, it makes the right wingers of Australia happy. Validating their mantra that any electoral outcome that doesn’t go their way is the result of serious mental illness on the part of the population. However, to spew hatred at all things not Liberal and turn a blind eye to the obvious deficiencies of Abbott’s policy patch-ups displays an arrogance that is breathtaking.
For the record I have in the past voted Liberal, but never Labour. Unfortunately for both major parties, I have a brain and very good bullshit detector. The Bolt’s of the world are not worthy of my serious attention as their views are not considered opinion. Merely rallying cries for the delusionally faithfull that blindly support their party on everything they offer. Even when it contradicts previously held policies.
So, a suitable summary of the bolt report would be “$heep $hit”.


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