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After perusing the holy scriptures of Family First political policy I am left wondering exactly whose family they claim to represent.

Their environmental policy seems lifted from Liberal party headquarters and yet Steve Fielding is a bullhorn skeptic.

Their policy on family has this little gem ..
Affirming and defending the institution of marriage as being a union of
a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered
into for life.
So the gay community cannot be considered to be part of a family? I guess it’s all about protecting religious doctrine, which is fine. But what about those that don’t subscribe to your beliefs? Nobody questions your right to live life as you see fit, yet judging others by your doctrine is a cornerstone of policy!

Abortion? Forget it, their policy advocates laying on as much fear and guilt possible to achieve their prefered outcome. To be fair there’s no demand for it to be illegal, I don’t think anyone could resurrect that idea.

Afghanistan? Fully supported, all in the name of fighting terror and bringing democracy. So I guess the safety and well-being of those families needs to be forsaken for the good of the Christian democracies.

To be fair, some policies are actually good. Think Liberal party with religious extremism and your there.

Latest polling shows Family First represents about 2% of the electorate.
Interestingly the number of atheists in Australia is around 25%.
The problem for a christian church based political party is therefore the amount of people it can claim to truly represent.

Reading this little diatribe you may be of the opinion that I’m an atheist.
For the record my issue is not with God, it’s with those that claim his authority, then politicize it.


Despite the best efforts of naysayers it’s clear from polling that climate change is still a prominent concern amongst Australian voters.

Regardless of your personal views on the subject, the numbers are incontestable. Liberal and Labour alike have basically shelved any real action on the subject, which leaves the Greens as the lone flag waver for true action. Polling shows that Labour is losing a lot of 1st preference votes over its behaviour and the migration creates an interesting sideline to the big boys scrabble for power.

Labour, of course, refused to negotiate with the Greens over the ETS, showing their true colors on the subject by trying to create a Liberal friendly policy. No credit was to be given in any way to the environmental group when it came to this issue. Outstanding arrogance.
The Liberals, for their part, portray the Greens as a bunch of nutters with a no-compromise philosophy. Interesting point of view from the party that rolled its leader rather than ultimately compromise with Labour on a piece of legislation that could have been written by John Howard sitting on Lord Monckton’s lap.
The Greens of course rejected the ETS having recognised that it wasn’t worth the recycled paper it was printed on.

The result of the coming election therefore will possibly have a bigger impact on both major parties than they would like. Should the Greens primary vote rise significantly, watch both major parties scrabble to reverse the trend.

The problem of course is that the track record for Liberal and Labour alike is there on view. For them it’s a public concern that deserves lip service only. Real action would mean annoying the true drivers of government policy… The big business funded lobby groups.
The good news is that at least 10-16% of the population have now worked that one out.

Climate For Change

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Climate Change
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Roof top solar cells

A thought struck me the other day as I trolled the web looking for signs that the world was ready to accept global warming.  I can stop worrying about failure to act. I no longer despise the deniers and their shallow arguments. You see, I’m now convinced that we will all shift to greener energy regardless.

Here’s why. Technology. Yup, just as computers, flat screen TV’s and all such devices plummet in price, so too does the technology to produce clean energy.
Imagine that 10 years from now your house can be fitted with solar cells that not only power your home  but your car as well.  Costs no more than a mid priced car and you never pay for electricity or fuel again. Heck, you may even make a few bucks along the way. Why on earth would you not adopt it?

The chinese know this and are already leading the world in solar technology.
The only question for governments in the future is “Do we export or import this?”

The advancement of green power is coming, not from fear of  climate change but good old greed. Will big oil be able to stem the tide?  Well, Chevron is trying, but in the end you can’t stop people latching onto a good thing.