Mainstream or mainscreen?

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Australian Politics, Climate Change
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I find it beyond annoying that we live within a system that favours only two political parties. The Australian Greens, having more than 10% of the electorates vote, are systematically ignored by the media moguls.

One only has to look at the puppet like subservience of  the Liberal and Labour parties to understand that policy by them is determined not by the will of the people, but those with the true control.
Typical leftist conspiracy theory, or a pragmatic view of the facts? Let’s break it down a little shall we?

ETS – Both major parties in initially find common ground with a proposed outcome that essentially bails out the creators of the problem at the expense of the public. Greens recognise this and kill the smelled rat. Liberals bail as coalition split becomes a possibility and core geriatric supporters whine.
Outcome – Both major parties bail on ETS and Greens pillared by Labour. Electorate feel betrayed and shift in polls begins.

Look at any of the issues making headlines and try to find the Greens perspective. You won’t, largely it’s ignored. Yet polling suggests that their position on many issues finds favour with an increasing percentage of the population. One can only imagine their status in a less biased media.


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